Intensive Driving Lessons

Pass Your Test With Amos Driving Academy

Sometimes called one week crash driving courses, intensive driving lessons are the fastest way possible to learn to drive.

Take the DSA official driving test, pass and gain a full UK car driving licence all in just one week.

Intensive Driving Lessons

Popular with learners of all ages, A 1 week intensive driving lessons course makes it possible to learn what could take 14 months to learn if taking only 1 or 2 hour driving lessons each week with a driving school ADI (Source:- Department for Transport UK) DSA syllabus

Amos Driving Academy have for over 7  years specialised in these very successful, and cost effective methods of learning  to  drive.

Preparing for your Driving Test

Courses range from , a 7 or 8 day intensive driving lessons course for new drivers who have never driven before, to a 2 day driving course for failed test candidates who seek to have all the driving faults that caused them to fail to be identified and corrected before retaking their practical driving test. Our courses are on a one 2 one basis, each instructor will only have one student to the car.

Semi Intensive driving lessons share the same benefits as the weeks intensive but without the added pressure of a weeks deadline. These  are spread over 2-4 weeks.

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